“The Plan”

Last week I had the “big meeting” with Jeff Potts (Managing Broker – Oregon), Chris Ozlund (the owner of the Fairplay Realty-Elite branches in Vancouver and Portland), and Kristin Riggs (Ozlund’s administrative assistant/right hand woman). The head honchos thought it might be a good idea to lay out their goals and expectations in a formalized meeting. My take away is that it is abundantly clear they expect to come out of this investment of time and energy with an additional revenue source.  As previously stated in the internship contract, the overarching requirement of this internship is that I develop the skills to both evaluate the physical condition/cost to repair of all classes of residential real estate. But it was made clear that is is equally important that I develop the administrative skills to navigate the legal challenges specific to each property. Ozlund and Riggs went to great lengths to clarify that they would continue to be open to my “modernized methods of accomplishing the firms goals.”  At the same time they were careful to repeatedly slip in that they had every intention of looking over Jeff Potts shoulder to see if my numbers were comparable to any other 1st year associates!  Talk about pressure.  Here I am fresh out of academia, forced to learn to ride a bike all over again, and the top management is all but announcing their discomfort with differentiation I bring to the game.  Suddenly I feel like the one guy at the costume party that didn’t open his invitation!  Well, all I can do is my best.  If at the end of the day, the powers-that-be force me to abandon my grand experiment and try to jam fear down the clients throat – I can always resign!  Buckle up.

About asuomason

Graduate Student, Conflict and Dispute Resolution - University of Oregon
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