“The Opening Week” – Fairplay Realty-Elite (Week 1)

This week was filled with administrative responsibilities…not a lot of the “fun stuff.”  I met several times with my internship supervisor, Jeff Potts, to clarify our individual expectations and responsibilities for the internship.  Jeff explained how his only real objective is to position me to “man a territory” on behalf of the firm; in the process, explaining that the future of the firm is highly dependent upon people like me establishing new territories in areas that aren’t as competitive as the Portland/Vancouver markets.  I, on the other hand, listed the opportunity to lead an office as a secondary concern. My main objective is to figure out how my skill in finding common ground between disputing parties could be used to change the current gridlock that exist between the acrimonious homeowners and the monolithic foreclosing banks.  Jeff warned me to not get my hopes too high because the banks are “rigid, top down thinking organizations” that don’t make changes to the way that operate unless there is a clear monetary advantage.  I thanked him for his well-intended forebodings and reminded myself that change is never welcome and that my task is to figure out a way to show the parties that they stand to gain through innovating their current relationships.  I only hope that that is actually an establish-able point.

The balance of my week was dedicated to settling in to my little corner cubicle, and setting my training schedule around the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors (“PMAR”) training schedule.  One of the challenges of this internship will be attending the necessary trainings while at the same time meeting with time-restricted clients on schedules that are conducive to their needs.  Well I have determined that there very well may be a ton of re-scheduling on the training front in order to accommodate the needs of the clients. as my former mentor used to always say, “You have to Major in the the major’s!”  That was code for knowing what (and why) your priorities were. I am really looking forward to getting this assignment moving as it could end up as the foundational basis of my future career as a foreclosure work-out specialist.

About asuomason

Graduate Student, Conflict and Dispute Resolution - University of Oregon
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